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Have an app? need to shout out loud ?appstore optimization Services by Uplift SEO Services

App store optimization is the most effective way to make your app viral. No matter how creative and unique your app is, without app store optimization, it risk being invisible. App store optimization or app marketing is the strategic process of promoting your app on play store and iTunes store. With app store optimization, your app gets the needed visibility and downloads.

Are you bereft of ideas on how to increase app download? Your app has few downloads and you lack knowledge of how to promote your app on play store or iTunes? Not to worry. App store promotion services by Uplift offers Google Play promotion and iTunes promotion services. Our app promotion services help to increase the visibility of your app, ensuring it is found through searches on Google Play Store and iTunes store.

App marketing services by Uplift business DBA as Uplift seo services
App store marketing services by Uplift Seo Services,Want to Uplift your Business? Need more traffic, leads, and sales? top recommended Digital Marketing agency.

App store optimization services by Uplift focus on all key areas of app promotion. These include:

The key factors Uplift On-Page optimization services centers on include:

App Title

To increase your app download, the title should be unique and contain the necessary keyword.

App Description

Your app's description is a key optimization factor. It plays a large role in deciding if a customer should download your app or not.


Our iTunes and Google Play promotion services also extend to designing or redesigning your logo. To make your app viral, the logo must be creative and captivating enough to grab customers’ attention.

App Screenshots

To increase your app downloads, the screenshots should highlight your app's best features.

App Category

Placing your app in the wrong category will lead to low visibility and downloads. Uplift team of app promotion experts understands the concept of primary and secondary category to ensure your app is taken to the customer's door.

Off-page ASO strategies are also critical to the success of your apps on Google Play and iTunes. Some of our off-page App Store Optimization strategies include:


For customers to find and download your app, analytics are needed in identifying competitors’ weak and strong points and other data. We use analytics and data aggregation to ensure only the useful data is gathered in promoting your app.

Keyword Research

To enhance visibility, your app should have specific term and phrases. We research the necessary keywords to drive conversion.

Our app store optimization strategies also include promoting your app on other apps, Social Media Platforms, using PPC, etc. App marketing greatly increases your apps recognition, appeal, and awareness.

Although we have no control over ratings and reviews, we will analyze them to identify areas of improvement.

App store optimization on both the Apple iTunes store and Google Play Store requires expert knowledge, tools, and strategies. We possess the experience, data, and knowledge of algorithm from thousands of app store optimization campaigns. With our APO strategies, android and apple users are certain to see your app and download it!

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